“Btw, many guests said u are v profession n detail minded~~~!!”

“Btw, many ppl said u are v professional n v good ar”





“Thanks for your detailed and special planning as our wedding planner, so that our wedding is so sweet and smooth on 2 June 2012. All the troubles can be solved immediately by your excellent professional skills and experience.”


“Moreover, your MC role is very professional. All our guests enjoy our wedding banquet and have wonderful and long lasting memory, especially the dancing march-in.”


“We are very much obliged to you and your team’s hard work in preparation and organizing a wonderful party for everyone on Bonnie and Steve’s wedding day.”


Great MC! “You and Vivian have both done a great job!!! I can see you have tried hard to greet Ayako and Kyoko in Japanese! You have made our reception very smooth and memorable. Thank you very much indeed!”


“You are really suitable to be wedding planner/project manager as you are very detail in mind and good memory! Glad to have you on our wedding.”